TRAPPER - Shock Sensor White


54.00 €
(TAX excluded)

• Mass inertia shock sensor module for reliable shock detection on any surface

• Less sensitive to wind and traffic generated vibrations due to unique crow bar leverage action

• Self cleaning & highly resistant to contact degradation

• Alarm memory: up to 10 Trappers with individual annunciation

• Slave Sensors: up to 2 CQR shock sensors and/or magnetic contacts

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  •  PIC microchip controller
  •  Auto learn sensitivity control
  •  Tri-colour LED status Indication
  •  Time window pulse count
  •  Sequential alarm memory for units 1 to 10
  •  Slave sensor facility
  •  Digital sensitivity adjustment using jumpers
  •  Tampered
  •  Dimensions: 21 x 25 x 92mm
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