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2 beams infrared coded barrier 0.60 m, black colour with removal tamper switch

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The HESA 5000 Series of Infrared Barriers offers a reliable solution for outdoor and indoor perimeter protection of apartments, houses and other buildings at a moderate price. This compact device can be unobtrusively installed to protect doors, windows and skylights in industrial and commercial premises, shops, apartments and private homes. Experience the freedom of leaving doors and windows open, with the peace of mind of knowing you are safely protected by a reliable infrared barrier. Each beam contains two separate, independent infrared rays. The alarm will not be released if only a single ray is interrupted to make sure that insects do not trigger the alarm unnecessarily. The narrow slot along the receiver and transmitter’s aluminium body for infrared transmission and its infrared filter ensure that the sun rays and other environmental factors will not accidentally trigger a false alarm, although it is always advisable to avoid installing the receiver in direct sunlight. HESA 5000 infrared barriers are provided with a self-alignment system and are pre-wired, with a fully sealed wiring for easy, efficient electrical connection. For high security requirements a wall removal contact version is also available in black or white colours. A magnet should be embedded in the wall behind the aluminium body without requiring any hole in the device. To improve the final appearance, an optional connecting extrusion is available to extend the barrier to fullfill door’s or window’s height. Its elegant, unobtrusive design, and the care in every detail make this barrier ideal for the most demanding customers.


  • Tough, slim aluminium extrusion; 24 mm wide and 21 mm deep only
  • Extremely narrow window for infrared transmission, to minimize sun rays’ angle of incidence
  • Self-alignment system with automatic beam synchronisation, does not require a synchronisation cable.
  • Skylights protection: 0.61 m high, 2 beams
  • Window protection: 1.11 m high, 4 beams or 1.61 m high, 5 beams
  • Door protection: 2.11 m high, 7 beams
  • Elegant, unobtrusive design which perfectly adapts to existing window and door frames
  • May be installed between the windows and the blinds or shutters
  • Complete, reliable perimeter protection, even with open doors and windows
  • Wide range of models available, choice of two colours, black or white and three lengths, with or without wall removal tamper switch
  • Optional connecting extrusion to be adapted to full height on different sized frames
  • IMQ Security Systems 2° level Certification