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RF-4041-07-2 - 2-way keyfob 433Mhz 80bits+ RF-101K4


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2-way keyfob 433Mhz 80bits+.

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This 4-button 2-way keyfob, using the latest LoNa technology, allows the end-user to arm, disarm or partially arm their system without having to memorize access codes or race to beat entry or exit delays. Each button press will be indicated by a blinking LED and the acknowledgement coming from the receiver will also trigger the LED on the keyfob. In case the system is not ready to arm, or in case the end-user is out-of-range of the receiver, this will also be visible on the keyfob when pressing a button. Even a system in alarm, will be indicated when performing a button press. It offers one additional programmable buttons which can be used e.g. to turn on and off lights before entering the premises, activate an automated garage door, etc. It can also be used to send a panic alarm by pressing the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously, or to trigger an auxiliary alarm by pressing the “1” and “2” button simultaneously.

433 MHz
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