NXG-7000 - xGen 3G communication module


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NXG-7000 - xGen 3G communication module with UTC SIM card
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The NXG-7000 adds 3G mobile connectivity to the xGen alarm panel, allowing alarm reporting
 and remote connection over the 3G mobile network via UTC’s UltraSync cloud solution. A SIM 
card is pre-installed and should not be removed. The NXG-7000 plug-on module can be installed 
on any xGen panel CPU. Open the top cover of the xGen CPU to have access to the panel's main board.
 Plug the 3G module via the supplied 16-pin header onto the main board and use the supplied cover 
to close the panel CPU again. The NXG-7000 includes a smart-roaming SIM card which will ensure the 
xGen system stays connected to the most stable mobile network. The network details and signal strength 
can be verified locally from the xGen web page or via the NXG-1820 keypad or remotely from the 
UltraSync portal. The NXG-7000 does not require any programming. Once powered, it will automatically
 connect to the UltraSync cloud server from where several features can be set such as alarm reporting
 to a central monitoring station as primary or backup path. The xGen system can also send email messages 
via the 3G module and if the web access code is set, it allows both the end-user as well as the installer 
to remotely control and program the xGen panel via the NXG-7000 3G module.An App allows the user to use
 an Apple® iPhone/iPad or Google Android device to arm/disarm partitions, enable or disable Chime, bypass 
zones and manage users. The same App allows the installer to perform basic and advanced system programming.
The UltraSync cloud server will also allow the DLX900 download computer to make a secure connection to the 
xGen system via the 3G mobile network without the need to know the system’s IP address or IP port settings. 
It only requires to enter the unique serial number and web access code in the DLX900 downloader.