FD705RVDS - Reflective Beam Smoke Detector 5 - 50 m


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Reflective Beam Smoke Detector 5 - 50 m

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The FD705RVDS and FD710RVDS consists of an infrared transmitter and receiver in one single compact housing. The infrared signal is reflected by a prism and analysed for smoke presence. It is particularly designed to be used where point smoke detectors are not applicable due to height or inaccessibility. The unit has C/O relay outputs for alarm and fault and fits as such all types of fire panels. The FD705RVDS has a range of 5-50 m and the FD710RVDS has a range of 50-100 m. Wiring is restricted to a minimum as the transmitter and receiver are in the same housing. The detector is very easily aligned by checking the red and green LED's. A course "Prism Find" and then "Alignment Mode" fine-tune ensures optimum operation. Mechanical alignment is provided by two adjustment thumb wheels on two sides of the detector. Adjustment is achievable in both axis. The low power consumption of the units allows multiple sets to be powered from a single power supply without compromising the systems autonomy.