KFP-A-LB - Addressable Fire Panel Accessory


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Addressable Fire Panel CompAddressable Fire Panel Accessory - Loop Expansion Printed Circuit Board - 2 looponent - LED indicator - 40 zone

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The loop board with plugable connectors adds 2 additional loops to your 2-loop low-end addressable fire panel that doubles the amount of devices to be supported by one panel and 128 extra zones can be programmed. Together with the 2 additional loops, 4 supervised sounder/fire-routing outputs, which can be used as freely programmable outputs, come along as well.The loop board allows for bigger single panel applications. Instead of using two 2-loop panels you now have only one panel to power and all the loop wiring is concentrated to one location without having to use a Firenet network. In case you need to expand an existing system you don't need to put another panel in place. You only have to add the loop board. This makes your system more flexible and easier to expand.

Please note that only the 2-loop panel has this capability of adding the additional loop board.