8 to 64 zone panel with IP interface NXG-64IP


260.00 €
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xGen 8 to 64 zone panel with IP interface

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8 zones on-board

Maximum 64 zones (including wireless)

Maximum 32 wireless keyfobs

Maximum 16 partitions

Maximum 100 users, each user with up to 4 profile levels

Maximum 32 devices (expanders and keypads)

Maximum 16 keypads

Zone Doubling and multiple end-of-line resistor support

Video integration

Main and secondary tamper input

5 programmable outputs on-board

Action and scene programming

PSTN dialer on-board (SIA, CID and voice reporting)

4-wire RS-485 xGen bus

RJ11 and screw terminal for telephone line

10/100Base-T IP/LAN connection

Real Time Clock (RTC) and Network Time Protocol (NTP) support

UltraSync support (reporting and App)

Built-in web server

DLX900 programming software

Firmware upgrade via USBUP-EUR or DLX900 over the network

Auto-enroll feature

Plastic and metal housing variants available

Removable terminals

Several status LEDs on-board

EN50131-1/EN50131-3/EN50131-6 Grade 2 Class II

EN50136-2/EN50131-10 SP2(PSTN), SP3(IP, 3G)


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