P-640H - Proximity reader and keypad


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Proximity reader and keypad

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The P-640H Proximity Reader and Keypad is one of the newest member of Keri’s Pyramid Series Proximity line of readers, cards, and tags for access control.The P-640H delivers up to 4 inches (102 mm) of read range in one of the most innovative packages available. Installing dealers will appreciate theP-640H’s single piece design, standard pass-through Wiegand™ interface, and potted weather and vandal resistant electronics, all backed by a lifetime warranty. Outputting both the card and keypad data over the Wiegand™ data lines, the P-640H is ideal for higher security applications that require both a card and a PIN. It is designed to be mounted directly to either a standard U.S. single gang electrical box or any flat surface. Because of its modular design, dealers can incorporate different color bezels (black and off-white, shipping with each reader) to match the decor of any environment. The reader can be installed indoors or outdoors, as the electronics are sealed in a weatherproof epoxy potting. The P-640H, engineered using ultra-reliable surface mount components, features two distinctive four-state status LED (red, green, amber, and off) arrays, and an audio tone. Both the LEDs and audio tone may be independently controlled by the access controller. It operates from 5 to 14 VDC at a nominal current draw of just 90 ma. The P-640H is complemented by a complete line of access credentials that may be used interchangeably with any Pyramid Series Proximity Reader. They include the PSC-1 Standard Light Proximity Card featuring a lifetime warranty, the dye sublimation printable ISO-thin PSM-2 Multi-Technology Proximity Card available with a magnetic stripe, and one of the smallest, most durable credentials available, the PSK-3 Proximity Key Ri