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NXG-433 - xGen wireless receiver 433 MHz


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NXG-433 - xGen wireless receiver 433 MHz

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The NXG-433 wireless receiver adds wireless capabilities to the xGen range of panels. The receiver acts as a zone expander and supports most of the legacy 433 MHz 63-bit transmitters and functions as well as the new generation of 433 MHz transmitters and 2-way devices. The NXG-433 wireless receiver makes it possible to extend the xGen range of panels with wireless indoor & outdoor sirens, wireless input/output modules as well as 2-way keyfobs, all of these using the latest LoNa technology. The wireless communication is fully encrypted, avoiding unauthorized interference.The number of wireless sensors and keyfobs that can be added depends on the xGen panel model.The NXG-433 wireless receiver needs to be installed outside the xGen panel housing in order to assure a maximum wireless range. The wireless receiver enrolls as a standard zone expander and will send incoming RF packets from the wireless transmitters to the xGen CPU for further processing. The xGen wireless solution will monitor the status and presence of each wireless device and will respond in case of an RF jamming condition.The NXG-433 wireless receiver also provides two wired zone inputs and one programmable relay output.The firmware of the module is remotely upgradeable via the DLX900 downloader or on-site via USBUP-EUR.