NX-1710E - Door Control Module


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Door Control Module

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The NX-1710E Single Door Control Module enables NetworX

panels to interface with most popular Wiegand readers. Ideal

for a range of commercial and residential applications, Wiegand

readers are widely available and offer a large selection of reader

types. With the NX-1710E, NetworX panels can support a door

control event log and scheduling such as open/closed/holiday.

NetworX installations with Wiegand readers are fast and easy

with NX-1710E modules. The NX-1710E has a zone input that

supports a Wiegand reader and monitors the door zone without

requiring separate zone wires from the panel or additional zone

expander. The module supplies 5 and 12 Volts of power to the

readers, so additional power supplies are usually not required.

The NX-1710E’s on-board relay enables switching power on

MagLock and other door locking mechanisms.

Each NX-1710E door module supports up to two readers per door.

NetworX panels support a maximum of 16 modules

(16 doors / 32 readers)

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